As stated in the Homeschool Application form, the Department of Education (DES) requires a bi-annual reporting process. This means submitting a report mid-year, and then submitting a final report at the end of the school year. You should state the timing of your mid-year report when you send in your IHSP. We submit ours upon completion of 100 days of school. Others will write and send theirs the end of December or beginning of January. It’s really up to you. The final report is due by the end of the school year, July 31st.

Many curriculum come with a grading rubric so you can keep track of how well your student is progressing. Online programs will also compile reports that you can submit to the Department of Education. The DES wants to see that your child is making progress and is completing work appropriate for their grade level. Reports can be written in a variety of formats. Many will use a report-card style, such as the example we have included below. Other reports can be written in narrative paragraph style, detailing what has been learned thus far and what the plans are for the second half of the year.

Report Samples

Here is a sample report written in paragraph style. You will notice the author details the learning that has occurred in the first half of the year, and discusses goals for the second half.

Here is a report sample written in more of an official school report card style. This is most effective when the student has been assigned a grade for their courses.

Report Template

Still not sure how to write your reports? Here’s a template we created that you may download and use. You’ll notice there’s a different grading rubric for elementary students as compared to older students. You may have additional subjects or extra curricular activities. Feel free to adjust and change the design so it works for you.