Cayman Islands Government Homeschool Application

The Department of Education Services (DES) has updated their registration procedures and now exclusively process all homeschool applications online. Click the button below to go to the DES’s registration page.


What is a “licensed teacher”? If you have hired a teacher to lead the homeschooling, this teacher will need to be licensed by the Department of Education – similar to teachers within the private schools. If the facilitator of the homeschool program is the parent, the DES may ask to see evidence of the parent’s educational qualifications. Because the goal is for the student to be successful, the Department of Education wants to see proof that the student will have have the strong support and help of the parent if they run into any academic problems. In general, it is expected that the facilitator (parent) will have successfully completed and gone beyond the program the student is in. (ie. elementary school, secondary school, highschool)

What is considered “appropriate documentation” for a licensed teacher? Appropriate documentation would include a copy of your college or university certificate/diploma.

A plan book or other written record would be a daily planner to keep track of subjects covered, a way to record attendance, or a diary notebook with days and subjects listed. Anything that you can show to a representative from the DES if he/she requests proof you are giving daily lessons. Remember, you need to track attendance for 185 days of school.

A semi-annual progress report is exactly as it says – a report submitted mid-year and one submitted at the end of the year. This is discussed in more detail in the Reports section of this website.

A written description of the program, texts and materials, methods of evaluation, and a timetable are what should be included in your IHSP.